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Another Good One

January 21, 2008

Although, sadly, it’s from a book about how to teach kids better composition and editing skills:

This paradigm shift in your teaching is a slippery slope, and kids will want to jump on.

To be fair, there’s nothing in the book on how to avoid mixed metaphors.


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Department of Redundancy

January 18, 2008

Unedited excerpt from a book I’m editing:

Dance can be incorporated as a part of a multimethod research design, where dance or movement serves as one of multiple data collection methods. As with all multimethod projects, the use of multiple methods isn’t simply about “adding” additional methods but rather employing multiple methods so that the methods inform each other.

Geode’s translation:

Dance or movement can be employed as one of several data-collection tools in a multimethod research design. As with all multimethod research projects, the point isn’t simply to add more methods but rather to let them inform each other.

Still a little repetitive, but I did the best I could. Other suggestions?

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